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Sign the petition to tell Ace NOT to be the place with unsafe gun policies!

Many know Ace as the helpful hardware store, sadly last year they were known as the store that sold a gun to a straw purchaser which resulted in several innocent protestors being murdered while advocating for racial justice. We need them to hear our voice, enough is enough.

Contact your Senator to Support Biden's Nominee for the ATF

The gun lobby is pushing the Senate to block Biden’s ATF Director nominee. Click here to contact your Senator to support David Chipman.

Tell The Federal Register: REGULATE GHOST GUNS NOW!

The ATF is requesting public comment on their proposal to regulate 'Ghost Guns'--the Do It Yourself gun kits that anyone can buy, no questions asked. Click here to add your comment.


Read the fact sheet to learn why this bill is so important to help save Californian lives from Gun Violence. The bill is will provide an invaluable tool for law enforcement to track the upstream source of crime guns that disproportionally affect communities of color in CA!