Our Team

Mattie Scott


As the founder and Executive Director of Healing 4 Our Families & Our Nation (H4OF&ON), Mattie is a 23-year veteran in the fields of violence prevention, gun violence survivorship, and activism. She is also San Francisco Chapter Leader of Mothers-in-Charge, the Brady California State President & San Francisco Chapter President. Mattie is a delegate and works in prevention advocacy with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Loren Lieb, MPH

Resident Expert: Epidemiology

Loren recently retired after a career in public health with Los Angeles County. As an Epidemiologist, she brings critical skills in data analysis, trends in health and wellness, and community education. Loren has been a leader in the gun violence prevention movement for more than 20 years. She currently serves as board chair of Brady ally, Women Against Gun Violence, has testified before numerous government committees, and serves as a trainer for Brady's Continuing Medical Education.

Carol Landale

Chapter Leader, San Diego

Carol got involved with the gun violence prevention movement after the Sandy Hook massacre in 2012, and has been leader of the San Diego chapter since 2014. As a retired school teacher, she has been especially concerned with getting the GVP message into local schools. As a result, in 2017, San Diego Unified provided all students with a take-home copy of the ASK letter, and in 2018 included the End Family Fire message on its website. The San Diego chapter works in the San Diegans for Gun Violence Prevention coalition, which Carol and other members of the chapter were instrumental in forming. Their work includes getting a safe storage ordinance passed in San Diego and three other cities within the county, working on GVP projects with middle and high school students, speaking and tabling at numerous events.

Peggy McCrum

Immediate Past President

Peggy is the President of the Long Beach Brady Chapter, and is the immediate Past President of Brady California. She became involved in the gun violence prevention movement several years after the robbery and shooting death of her brother. To support the cause of gun violence prevention, she has honed her skills in first amendment protests, vigils, legislative testimony, and election campaigns. Peggy is grateful and is inspired by the heroic work of her fellow Brady activists.

Suzanne Verge

President, Los Angeles Chapter

Suzanne Verge is the President of the Los Angeles Chapter of Brady: United to Prevent Gun Violence. Suzanne has been involved with Brady since the Million Mom March on Mother’s Day 2000 in Washington, DC. Suzanne traveled to Washington to be the voice for her brother who had been murdered two weeks before Christmas in 1978. On that momentous day, Suzanne realized she was not alone and was now part of the movement to fight for sensible gun legislation.

Ruth Borenstein

Co-Lead San Francisco Chapter & State Legislative Lead

Ruth is a retired attorney living in San Francisco. Although not herself a survivor, she saw the devastating effects of gun violence first hand when she was called to the scene of a workplace shooting to assist a client. As a lawyer, Ruth worked on several pro bono amicus briefs in support of gun violence prevention laws. She attended many vigils, rallies, and marches against gun violence through the years, including one where she met Brady California President Mattie Scott, who inspired her to become more involved in this important cause.