Tell the ATF: Ghost Guns Are Real Guns. Regulate Them Now!

President Biden recently proposed a rule calling for the ATF — which is the federal agency that enforces gun laws — to prevent the spread of ghost guns. But the NRA and the gun lobby are doing everything they can to prevent this lifesaving rule from being finalized. We urgently need to tell the ATF to regulate ghost guns!

Follow the form below to leave a comment on the Federal Register website to have your voice heard when it comes to regulating dangerous Ghost Guns. 

What Are "Ghost Guns" And What's the Problem?

Ghost guns are are a growing murder weapon of choice in America. They are untraceable firearms that anyone can buy in parts and kits and assemble at home. If you can build a model airplane or a lego set, you can easily assemble a ghost gun. Because they're unserialized, ghost guns are nearly impossible for law enforcement to trace. They evade background checks, making them popular among people who intend to use them in crimes. Ghost guns are increasingly being used in robberies, mass shootings, and homicides across the country.

Ghost Guns Are Real Guns, Right?

Yes, they are. Ghost guns are fully-functioning firearms. You only have to read the news to learn that they shoot and kill just like any other firearm. It is urgent that we close the so-called "ghost gun loophole" that allows these homemade firearms to evade existing gun laws!

Act Now: Urge the ATF to Regulate These Deadly Firearms!

President Biden's proposed rule would finally recognize ghost guns as the deadly, fully functional firearms that they are — helping prevent their spread across America. Please use the form below to tell the ATF you support this lifesaving measure!

The comment deadline is August 19, and time is running out! Please add your voice now.

Note: If you have a few extra seconds, please personalize your message to the ATF. We know that unique messages will be the most effective and more likely to be given strong consideration.

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