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Whether it be guns or a pandemic, let's keep our schools safe! We'll be in front of McKinley Elementary School on 9/2 at 9am. Join us!

As the new school year begins all over the country, parents, teachers and school staff are struggling to figure out how to go back to school safely and meet the needs of of all students. But the Republican Senators, President Trump & Betsy DeVos are still refusing to get schools what they need. They refuse to vote on the Democrats' HEROES Act to provide critical resources to protect the students, educators and their families from COVID-19; to save jobs; and to meet the academic, social, emotional and mental health needs of all our kids.

On September 2, 2020, we are going to send President Trump and his enablers a message: #DemandSafeSchools and #FundOurFuture.

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