Brady California Calls on Governor Newsom to Sign Key Legislation

Brady's California chapters see need for updates to existing laws to increase safety

Brady California, the state's largest and most influential gun violence prevention group, is calling on Governor Newsom to support legislation that would update key provisions in existing state laws. The bills are described below.

AB 1669 (Bonta) AB 1669 raises the fee that a firearm purchaser must pay for the purpose of funding firearm-related regulatory and enforcement activities pertaining to the sale, purchase, manufacturing, lawful or unlawful possession, loan, or transfer of firearms. As new gun laws have been enacted, the workload has increased for CAL DOJ and a $13.19 fee increase (from $19.00 to $32.19), to be spent on key firearm enforcement programs and statutory requirements, will enable Cal DOJ to better enforce California’s gun laws.

Additionally, AB 1669 updates existing law by applying gun show regulations for firearm dealers to ammunition vendors so that gun show regulations are consistent with the Safety for All Act (Prop 63), which was enacted by California voters in 2016.

SB 61 (Portantino) SB 61 extends existing law that limits purchases of new handguns to no more than one gun per person per 30-day period to new semi-automatic centerfire rifles. The bill will discourage the stockpiling of these weapons and deter gun traffickers, who purchase firearms in bulk to sell for profit on the black market. SB 61 also eliminates the hunting license exemption that allows the sale of semiautomatic centerfire rifles to those under age 21.

The bills currently sit on the governor's desk. Brady California President, Mattie Scott, is asking Brady supporters to call the governor's office to ask that he sign both bills. Constituents can contact his office at: 916.445.2841.


Brady California is the largest and most effective gun violence prevention group in the state. Over the past 20 years, our advocates have successfully carried more than 70 pieces of improved legislation from concept through enactment. Those carefully crafted laws have made California one of the safest states in the country.