UPDATE: Three Brady Sponsored Bills Passed Assembly; Now on to the Senate


Chalking up more wins in the legislature, three of Brady's supported bills passed the California Assembly and are now working their way through the state's senate. This progress comes even as the legislature drastically reduced the number of bills it would consider due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Longtime Brady community organizer, Shikha Hamilton, expressed gratitude to Amanda Wilcox and the Brady California State Executive Committee for pushing through with these lifesaving measures:

"Our volunteers never cease to amaze me. Every year for more than 20 years they've worked the halls of the capitol building to make sure that the NRA, CRPA, and other extremists groups don't dominate our state as they unfortunately do in so many others. But this year they are outdoing themselves. Despite a global pandemic that hit hard, they're staying the course to be sure that these incredibly important bills make their way to our gun violence prevention champion, Governor Newsom."

In the coming days and weeks, BradyCA will call on our supporters to help shepherd these bills into law. To join the ranks of more than 10,000 activists that regularly take action for us, text the word BRADYCA to 877-877. Or join your local Brady California chapter here.

Details on each of our bills can be found below.

AB 2847* (Chiu) – Strengthens California’s Unsafe Handgun Act (UHA) to ensure that new firearms are introduced that incorporate microstamping technology (to identify shooters) and comply with the UHA’s other safety requirements, including a chamber load indicator and magazine disconnect mechanism (to prevent unintentional shootings).

AB 2362 (Muratsuchi) – Incentivizes compliance with state law by authorizing the California Department of Justice to fine gun dealers for violations as an alternative to the all-or-nothing license revocation proceedings provided under existing law.

AB 2617 (Gabriel) – Prohibits possession of a firearm by a subject of a gun violence restraining order (GVRO) issued by another state and ensures that law enforcement files GVROs in a timely manner with local courts so that the subject receives notice of the GVRO hearing.

*Top Priority Bill for Brady California