Laws and Loopholes

Two Additional Brady-Backed Bills Signed by Gov. Newsom


Following a marathon quest for reasonable policy improvements on California gun law, Brady California ended the legislative session with a total of 14 bills signed into law. As recently as Friday, Brady CA's legislative team was expecting 12 bills to be signed. We are thrilled that our elected officials are proactively fighting to protect Californians from the gun violence epidemic. Congratulations to each of the bill authors listed below, Gov. Newsom, and our partners. It's been a very good year!

  1. AB 61 (Ting) - expands GVRO petitioners to include work colleagues and school personnel
  2. AB 164 (Cervantes) – creates CA prohibition for out of state restraining orders
  3. AB 339 (Irwin) - requires local law enforcement to establish GVRO policies and standards
  4. AB 521 (Berman) – requires UC Firearm Research Center to develop education and training programs for health care providers on preventing firearm-related harm
  5. AB 645 (Irwin) - requires gun dealer signage showing suicide prevention hotline
  6. AB 879 (Gipson) - regulates ghost gun precursor parts
  7. AB 1292 (Bauer-Kahan) – clarifies firearm transfer by operation of law provisions and exceptions to a decedent’s personal representative, trustee or power of attorney
  8. AB 1297 (McCarty) – requires CCW permit fees to cover cost of issuance/enforcement
  9. AB 1493 (Ting) - provides for voluntary GVRO/firearm relinquishment
  10. AB 1603 ((Wicks) - codifies CalVIP
  11. AB 1669 (Bonta) - raises DROS Fee, extends dealer requirements at gun shows to ammo sellers
  12. SB 61 (Portantino) - one semi-auto centerfire rifle purchase allowed within 30 days; eliminates hunting exemption for semi-auto rifle purchase by a person under age 21
  13. SB 172 (Portantino) – strengthens storage laws to include unloaded weapons and long guns; violations will carry a ten year prohibition
  14. SB 376 (Portantino) - extends infrequent dealer licensing provisions to long guns, limits manufacturing of firearms