Laws and Loopholes

The Loophole that Undermines All CA Gun Laws


A majority of gun buyers go through the normal process of purchasing a fully built firearm from a federally licensed firearm dealer. Others purchase a used gun from a private seller who themselves purchased the complete firearm from a dealer. But there is another type of purchaser out there, purchasers who intentionally seek out a firearm that is unserialized and untraceable, otherwise known as a ghost gun.

Ghost guns are constructed by individuals using unfinished frames or receivers. Frames and receivers are the piece of the firearm that contains the operating parts of the firing mechanism, and are the part of the gun regulated under federal law. But when a frame or receiver is “unfinished” by a small fraction, it is unregulated. Ghost gun kits include all of the necessary component parts to turn the unfinished frame or receiver into a fully functioning gun. Once assembled, a ghost gun looks, feels, and functions like a traditional gun, whether a handgun or assault weapon, and is just as deadly and dangerous in the wrong hands.

Brady is working hard to close this loophole. Take a look at our fact sheet to see how dangerous ghost guns can be and what you can do to stop them.