Million Mom Marchers Celebrate 20 Years of Fighting Gun Violence


It's been an entire generation since almost one million moms converged on Washinton DC (and more than 300,000 in cities across the country) to call for an end to our gun violence crisis. While it's true that Hillary Clinton, Rosie O'Donnell, Sarah Brady and many other well known women took the stage that day, the March's founder, Donna Dees Thomases, made clear that this anniversary is about the thousands of women who organized the event and spent the ensuing decades continuing their work. Dees Thomases founded the March. Her legions of moms founded the movement.

Many of those organizers continue their activism here in California. Mary Leigh Blek. Donna Finkelstein. Suzanne Verge. Virginia Classick. Loren Lieb. The list goes on and on. Brady California salutes every mom who has taken action to make our communities safer for all children. They'll never give up--and neither will we.